Friday, November 28, 2008


i now have been to a biomeridian machine and a new holistic neurologist.  we now have a complete diagnosis and know what is going on.  i will explain in detail later.

Friday, November 7, 2008

off to meet the wizard

well i am off to find a new doc.  i am getting very tired of being told that nothing is wrong.  people i am telling you,  do not mess around with this illness.  now i am going to the "alternative"  docs because the others dont know what they are doing.

Monday, November 3, 2008

another trip to e.r.

note to all,  ask questions about what your test do to you.  my visual eeg was so stressful i went to e.r. with a severe migraine.  i may have had a seizure the night before.   who knows but it sucked.  anyway imagine a box.  now jump out of that box and run away from it.  now we can think outside of the box.  
gluten and brain damage:
gluten intolerance- not absorbing nutrients, possible autoimmune disorder
ibuprofen- for pain (symptom of gluten intolerance)  my daily dose 1600mg, b12 depletion
b12 deficiency- damages myelin
damaged myelin- multiple sclerosis
  multiple sclerosis- ataxia
current diagnosis- ataxia, blurred vision

all have similar symptoms!  
this is all my speculation right now.  i have been sick for some time and the docs keep missing the mark.  i now am suffering with some type of brain issue that is hard to describe.  i believe that i am only becoming more disabled every day.  remember the point of this blog is to inform people that if you think you may be gluten intolerant,  please take it seriously.

p.s. thanks to my fellow gluten incapable partner who drove me to the H and my family for putting up with this crap.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

that cant be a symptom!

well i had my appointment with the neurologist this last friday.  diagnosis;  ataxia and blurred vision.  next week a couple eeg readings and a mri.  he looked at me and said that i am severely handicapped.  then he said i am too young to be that.  i dont know what will be linked with gluten or if it ever will be but i am also getting checked for a stroke.  i will say this,  if you think in any way that you might be gluten intolerant or celiac,  do not hesitate to start checking.  you dont want to be too late.  if you have it,  watch your children.  i hope to know more by friday this week.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

adrenal fatigue

quick note on the side effect of well getting seriously sick in general.  be very aware of your adrenal system.  this helps you maintain some normalcy while sick.  but when this system shuts down,  it is very hard to diagnose and very disabling.  i am still trying to recover from this and basically have little energy.  this causes me to be grouchy.  you must read up on this.  there is a book whose name is the title of this blog.  do not underestimate this problem.

Monday, September 29, 2008

thanks doc?!

today i received a call from my nutritionist.  she said that i was and am going to take cortisol for my adrenals.  now i was curious because my endocrine doc said all was good.  well guess what.  wrong.  so much for all those tests.  the stuff i am taking has all of the sudden made a dramatic improvement in my health.   granted i just started taking this stuff this afternoon but wow.  by the way,  this is helping my brain fog and general fatigue.  research adrenal fatigue and you will understand.  i have been suffering from this for months.  oh and i just found out through a new book i am reading that the ibuprofen i have been taking religiously for years for my headaches and back pain burns B vitamins out of my brain.  didnt see that on any warning labels.  book title is posted.  i highly recommend this book,  you might be surprised.